moving day

I’ve decided that I will not automatically redirect, since I find it annoying when I encounter it myself. Instead, I will just say give you the link to the new incarnation: Shooting Wide Open 2.0. This is the feed URL: This page will no longer be updated, but of course it will remain, unless WordPress begins to delete inactive blogs. All the old posts have been transferred, so content-wise, the new one is almost exactly the same as this one. I’ll have slightly more control though, so there will be more room for future improvements.

I’d like to squeeze in a few words on this blog and my website…

I am a student. I’ve refrained from putting much of my own work into this blog because it simply feels too incongrous to place the work of established photographers with amazing projects alongside my stuff, which is meager in comparison. I have a lot to learn and the obvious difference in caliber makes me hesitate. But I will not always be where I am. There will come a point in the near future where I am more proficient and experienced, and my site will reflect that when the time comes.

I blog because there’s some strange part of me that wants to, feels compelled to share as soon as I see something interesting, funny or novel. I blog about things that I’m excited about, and that covers a range that includes science and politics. I tried keeping the subject matter strictly to photography, but it goes against my omnivorous tastes and in the end, it is impossible if you’re the type of photographer, which I am, who considers photography to be a tool to communicate about real world issues. I feel like a fat person painfully tightening her belt. There will be a few non-photo posts, esp as I start working on my next project. Consider yourselves warned.

This is my ship and this is how I’m going to run it!


~ by Jin on October 5, 2009.

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