wood logs and weblogs

These were in a gift shop at the Muir Woods. It reminds me of the logging operation smack in the middle of Redwoods state park. One of those “wait a minute…” moments. There’s a project in and of itself. Like Sawdust Mountain for CA. For some reason I hadn’t made the connection that Sawdust Mountain was about the area of Washington around Olympic National Park. I’d driven through there a couple of years ago and we kept a list of all the questions, trip-inspired and not, that we thought up and wanted to look up when we got back. One of them was certainly why there was a logging operation or a field of stumps every few miles in NP land.

Some blog bizness – a heads up that after a year, I’ve finally set up a respectable (or is it?) domain for myself and will be transfering this blog over at the beginning of October. I will let this blog sit quiet in the long run so old links stay functional, but on the 1st landing on this URL will automatically redirect you to the new site. I will probably turn that off after a week. What’s the proper web etiquette for this sort of thing?


~ by Jin on September 21, 2009.

One Response to “wood logs and weblogs”

  1. I’d just keep the redirect active indefinitely. (Are paying for hosting this site at WordPress?) You’d break links in to your site if you end up shutting the site down. (Not that this is the end of the world.0

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