better than selling cookies

While doing my usual web rounds, I ran into a couple of individual net fundraising ventures.

Seen on La Pura Vida: Hamburger Eyes photo collective published their latest issue with funding from Kickstarter, a fundraising site that currently invite-only, though you can contact the staff and make a pitch to get your project up there. You set a $ goal to meet and people pledge however much they want, but aren’t charged unless the goal is met by the deadline you set. You can, however, encourage them to pledge more by offering various perks at certain donation levels (“give $15 and get a copy of the CD when it’s done!”). Amazon seems to be handling the money changing, but unfortunately it only works in the US now. So far it is free, aside from Amazon credit card processing fees.

For something that isn’t invite-only: I was reading about a recent copyright fiasco in the design world which may be worth a read in its own right (“the immediate lesson to be learned is that in today’s Web 2.0 world, with its instant internet echo chamber, mob mentality can be a very dangerous thing” – see 1, 2) on An Art Producer’s Perspective and came across Fundable, another site for individual fundraising. It isn’t quite as smoothly designed as Kickstarter, but all you have to do is sign up to start a collection. However, Fundable takes 10% if the goal is met and allows you to request a 2 day extension if you’ve met 90-99% of your goal by the deadline. You can also lower goal to as low as $100 if progress isn’t what you expected and you still want to collect, which seems a bit shady to me, but it doesn’t seem to be limited to the US since it is done through PayPal, which converts to dollars.

All in all, it seems the projects on Kickstarter might be more legit, though at the end of the day it seems up to pledger to decide about validity.

I was also checking out Triple Base Gallery, which is set to co-curate the Art in Storefronts entries, and saw this:

Friday, August 21, 8pm-dawn

David Horvitz will organize a walk through the streets of San Francisco from dusk on the 21st of August to the dawn of the 22nd. Everyone will meet in front of Triple Base Gallery around the time of sunset, to depart at 8pm.

After taking a look at his website, I’m not sure what to expect. Unfortunately I can’t make it, but what do you know, Horvitz has been doing his own version of pledges and goals.

Lastly, and a little differernt, there was of course, Ctein’s search for 100 true fans.


~ by Jin on August 21, 2009.

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