let me entertain you

A little while ago, when I was getting into the subway downtown, I saw this. When I read it, I think instead, “LET US PERFORM A FRONTAL LOBOTOMY ON YOU.” It comes across as a command or a threat, not an offer, which would probably still be disturbing considering Vegas is a mash of casinos, strip clubs and Celine Dion concerts. I’m not sure it’s my idea of all-caps entertainment…

I know that the word “infotainment” has been around for a while now, but yesterday I heard it used by an educational organization in reference to themselves – “go to our website to be infotained.” I’m all for education that is informative yet fun, but something about that just seems a little wrong.

After I got off the subway, there was kitsch galore:

All of these paintings depict the same couple in various states of female helplessness and male strength. Aside from the inexplicable and apparently constant demand for car charger devices, I was also confused by the juxtaposition of the noble savage and WWF wrestlers. On second thought though, it makes perfect sense.


~ by Jin on August 11, 2009.

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