Thobias Faldt

I saw a coupla these photos while browsing the La Pura Vida blog. The occasional photo makes me want to stare. When it works, it really works, but some them seem to be held together in a grudging coherence by the look of the flash, which unifies subjects which don’t always have a lot in common.

When I see a host of photos like Faldt’s, I’m simultaneously excited and bored, and I think of a line from Saramago: “It’s a risky venture and it could end badly. But as we’ve seen, even things that aren’t risky can end badly.” So you might as well. Better to be a risk taker.

(I am digging through my notebooks of passages transcribed from books in an attempt to get my verbal chops going, so don’t be surprised if quotes here and there muscle in on the photos. All those years of bookwormery will finally be good for something!)


~ by Jin on August 3, 2009.

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