Amanda Friedman / Larry Schwarm

Amanda Friedman

Larry Schwarm

I was looking through the work of photographers chosen for the last few Critical Masses and thought I’d post some of the pictures I liked this week in honor of this year’s deadline, which just passed yesterday night.

First up are the night landscapes of Amanda Friedman. I’ve always loved the way trees look at night under artificial lighting. It’s a sight that no one’s ever seen before the last hundred years or so. Then there’s Larry Schwarm‘s fire landscapes. (Warning: browser-resizing website and oversharpened photos – you may want to take a look on the Critical Mass site instead. Though his name is misspelled as “Chwarm.” No web luck for Larry.) There’s no info on the website, but I wonder if these are controlled burns. I think everyone has a little bit of an urge to see fires up close, but this is a much better option.


~ by Jin on July 27, 2009.

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