Gatewood / art in vacant storefronts / ah, recession

Charles Gatewood

I found the ’70s street photography of Charles Gatewood today and was very gratified to see graphic elements rather than the usual crowds of commuters or dolled up women. You can see more on the Robert Tat (SF) gallery site. I tried to make a permanent link, but if it doesn’t work, search for Charles Gatewood.

Speak of San Francisco, I also saw an interesting initiative from the SF Arts Commission today that might be worth applying to if you’re looking to show work (not just photography). They are looking to place art into vacant storefronts (3 more near my street in the last couple of months) to beautify and make use of empty space. Damn good idea, if you ask me. They haven’t released details yet, but you can sign up for their mailing list.

Seeking Artists to Transform Storefronts with Installations

The SFAC’s Community Arts & Education Program and the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development have partnered to create a pilot Art in Storefronts program that places art temporarily in vacant storefront windows. Tough economic times have left many storefronts empty throughout the City, and this program encourages an alternative use of storefronts to reinvigorate and celebrate our neighborhoods, improve streetscape conditions, and support local merchants by increasing foot traffic.

And speak of storefronts, I was told a story overheard from a building manager of a frustrated thief. During the night, someone breaks into the second storey of a building to lift some goods. Except that the business on the second floor has gone out of business and the rooms are vacant. So he breaks into the third floor. Which also turns out to be vacant. He’s so mad by the time that he breaks into the fourth floor that the building manager comes the next morning to find the entire door ripped off its hinges. Then the story was cut off by closing elevator doors. Did he find goods on the fourth floor? Nothing? Old Betamax players? Hello Kitty clocks? What a cliffhanger.


~ by Jin on July 10, 2009.

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