Colleen Plumb / electronic art displays

Colleen Plumb

Olivier Laude guest blogged on A Photo Editor about electronic fine art displays. Yes, please! I blogged obliquely about this back in January: “I dream of gigantic e-Ink wall screens where I can display a rotating series of photos which I can store in a tiny device.” e-Ink is a better application of this idea in my mind since I don’t really relish the thought of having a glowing screen constantly on in my living space, or having to turn it off at night unless I want an experience like this. Not to mention it is bendable. OLED certainly does seem promising though.

I do wonder if piracy will become an issue, and if photographers will begin to show smaller and smaller sized photos online. A 800px wide photo may not be high res enough for print, but it might not look bad in a 5×7 digital display. I hope the new technology won’t shrink the endless pool of work available to us online right now. Some photographers think unauthorized use of their work is bad now, but I can imagine it getting worse.

Oh wait, it’s already happening, and condoned by the New York Times, no less. I suppose this sort of private piracy has always happened and will always happen, but to see it actually suggested in a publication like that is outrageous. (via a photo editor)


~ by Jin on June 26, 2009.

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