weekend silliness: nothing fancy

Somehow, I missed Matrix ping pong when it first swept Youtube. You know, I’d be fairly happy if men in black jumpsuits replaced all CGI effects:

Update: These two videos are even more impressive, despite the feeling of a bit too much polish: Matrix food fight and Matrix Olympics.

And, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Y Control” (I was going to lead with this, but no embedding allowed unfortunately) is a fine example of a good but not outstanding song made better by the visible charisma of the singer. It is also an example of visuals made more charming by the audio. Without the sound, it’s mildly disturbing. There is something simultaneously hilarious and creepy about a child miming vampirism. When you think about it, vampirism is kind of an adult concept. I don’t think any little kid would invent the concept of blood-sucking without adult direction.

However, I’d also be happy if small children with fog machines replaced scary looking grown up Hollywood vampires.


~ by Jin on June 13, 2009.

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