White House photostream

Pete Souza, White House Flickr stream

I don’t know if Obama’s advisors are especially good for this sort of thing, or whether in the 8 years Bush sat in office, using social networking has become par for the course for everyone, but the White House’s photostream is fascinating. Pete Souza’s documented everything from meetings with foreign dignitaries, a glimpse of the Situation Room, little moments with family and what happens when the president wants to order in a burger joint. Most of the photos are candid in the true sense and they’re obviously slowing releasing photos from a few sessions, but there are a few real gems in there. It does look like the more photogenic candidate won, doesn’t it?

It makes me want to watch the West Wing start to finish, especially that campaign season – Alan Alda’s great in it. Come to think of it, those writers got it pretty right – minority candidate who isn’t taken seriously in the beginning wins after going against a moderate Republican!


~ by Jin on May 20, 2009.

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