Denis Dailleux

Virtually every photo on Denis Dailleux’s site is impeccable. The dense mishmash of Egypt makes our paved streets and boxy buildings look unnatural, inorganic. Progress, eh?

I included that last shot because the probabilities boggle the mind. As a result of quite possibly my worst Netflix decision of all time, I watched (or more accurately, tolerated while multi-tasking) the Snow Queen. Its only saving grace is the kookiness of several talking animals, on whose faces acting doesn’t show so flagrantly. The very next day, I come upon Dailleux’s photo and what is the frozen frame in the TV? Bridget Fonda as the Snow Queen. Are Egyptians drawn to the unfamiliar strangeness of white winter landscapes?


~ by Jin on April 18, 2009.

One Response to “Dailleux”

  1. These are exceptional, I love how he has managed to travel but still capture it with a really unique vision (travel photography always seems so cold and inorganic)

    Congratulations on your blog, I love it, I will be keeping an eye on it from now on!!

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