Big Chief

I’ve been meaning to introduce my own work in this blog, and finally I’ve scanned some satisfying films of Big Chief in the solar observatory. The observatory is a bit of an anachronism – there are more useful, groundbreaking studies being done and technologies being used, but these observations are run simply to keep a continuous data set going. It’s been running since, I believe, the ’70s. There are boxes and boxes of data tapes and observation logs.

This is one of the mirrors used to reflect light back down into the control room where all the data sensors are. Running an observatory was not something anyone would’ve forseen for Chief, but he has a way of getting into these larks. He’s been helping out with operations for nigh on a year now, but sadly, this fall his ‘freelance’ stint is going to come to an end.

More to come eventually.


~ by Jin on March 16, 2009.

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