beach creatures and subway monsters


I saw the following two videos and couldn’t wait to share.

The first is a very innovative project that straddles the line (point?) between art, design and technology. Theo Jansen makes wind-powered, almost self-animating creatures move on legs powered by what he calls a reinvention of the wheel. If you watch the second half of this video, he shows footage of a 3 ton metal creature being pushed along by one man. I think this is an invention that will definitely have many applications down the line. He also shows the creature detecting environmental conditions like high wind or water and taking measures on its own to deal with them. And all built with cheap materials like plastic tubes, plastic ties and lemonade bottles. It can even “store” wind in the bottles for later use!

The second is a fun bit of street art by Joshua Allen Harris, who installs inflatable garbage bag creatures on subway grates on New York streets so that when a train passes, the creature comes to life.

I wish there were more art projects like this – simple but inventive ideas that you can experience in everyday life without going into galleries and museums where art is cordoned off and you’re reprimanded for approaching it. It’s not abstruse – everybody gets it and is cheered by it!


~ by Jin on January 15, 2009.

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