Julian Roeder

I suppose Roeder is best classified as a documentary photographer, but his compositions are more static and far more ‘arty’ than the drama and action found in classic photojournalism.

I was throwing around photo ideas with Big Chief and even though I’m not a big calendar fan, it occurs to me that they’re a relatively useful and just right timing-wise for gifting, especially now that self-publishing has made it so affordable. It’s a great way to get friends who aren’t necessarily into photography to hang your photos on the wall without that air of preciousness (and pretentiousness?) that would come with giving a framed print, which sends a message of “I might be offended if you don’t display this,” even if that’s not what you mean.

12 loosely themed images in a year is a manageable project, and shooting with friends in mind sure beats some faceless non-existent audience. Personally, I find the challenge of impressing people I know with something creative (and maybe a little silly too) very motivating, so there’s a benefit to the photographer too!


~ by Jin on December 10, 2008.

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