the perfection filter

In my crystal ball (or solar light bulb), I see that in ten years, plasma screens with attached video cams will replace glass mirrors altogether. In fact, not only will our images be digital, they will be retouched instantly in realtime, like Autotune for your face! I’m talking instant Photoshop perfection filter. Nobody will ever look in a mirror and feel dowdy again. We will all walk around in denial with inflated egos since everyone we see will appear normal while our perception of ourselves is perfect.

(What happens when we take a picture in a social situation though? Will cameras have this filter and we will have trouble recognizing our friends? Will we even care, or will we fake recognition American Psycho style?)

I can’t tell if this would be sad or simply liberating. At least you’d never have to think about your looks again. But maybe everyone would look eerily similar. Okay, it won’t be sad or liberating, just scary.


~ by Jin on December 7, 2008.

One Response to “the perfection filter”

  1. One of the ideas in William Gibson’s Neuromancer trilogy is that in the future cosmetic surgery will be more widespread, resulting in lots of people that all look vaguely like one of a handful of celebrities.

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