museums and aquariums

Ville Lenkkeri

I was taking photos at the newly reopened Academy of Sciences, trying to incorporate people into pictures of the stuffed creatures in the African Hall a la… who? There’s a woman who did shots of kids and aquarium creatures, and a man who was approached by a somewhat large company for an ad after they saw his pictures of stuffed museum creatures. Their names escape me… who are they?! (That’s the trouble with a visual memory – you remember the images but have no efficient way of searching for them. If only I could plug my brain into the USB port. Maybe rubbing my forehead on the google homepage will do?)

Anyhow, I didn’t really succeed, but I do have a new appreciation of the surreal combination of the natural and cheesy man-made replicas of the natural that are thrown together in the dioramas and live enclosures (to wit lizard tank).


~ by Jin on November 29, 2008.

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