trying something new

I decided to try working with models for the very first time, to see if that’s a road I want to go down for a few project shots I have in mind. The SU photo club had found a few models and set up a beach shoot, and allowed me to tag along. It was a great chance to shoot with others, which I usually don’t get to do at all and wish I could do more of.

The guys were aiming for a SI/Maxim style swimsuit shoot, which is not the type of photography I ultimately want to be doing, to say the least, but it was important to me to take it seriously and try to get good results that the models would be happy with. I approached it as if it was an assignment. After a few early moments of awkwardness, photographer mode kicked in and I just focused on getting the shots. Directing the models went well, to my surprise – it’s like looking through shots after a shoot but being able to fix what you didn’t like instantly. Also, as much as I hate to say it, I have to admit I picked up a little something from the direction given to the models on America’s Next Top Model, which I’ve been putting on in the background while post-processing batches.

The other photogs were much more adept at studio lighting than I was, so it was eye-opening, even though eventually I decided to revert to my preferred mode of shooting in natural midday light for a harsher, contrastier look. I’m a bit embarassed to admit that I’m actually quite happy with a couple of them, for what they are. I’m looking forward to seeing some of their shots too.

I had a great time. I feel that the mood of the photos is very different from the mood of the actual shoot, which was light and relaxed. (At least on my end – I think the models were freezing in the cold water and chilly wind!) This style of shooting is not necessarily any different from shooting someone’s grandma in a winter jacket and snowpants… except models are more patient, easier to direct and motivated to follow your instructions! So although I won’t be pursuing this style of photography, I’ll definitely be looking to find models to work out a few project ideas.

On a tangent, I’ve been so looking forward to getting a full frame digital camera so I can shoot true 35mm perspective and FOV that a few days ago I actually found myself visualizing putting the 35 onto a 5D camera body. I imagined the clink of metal to metal contact and that little click when the lens locks into place… I think it’s time to go full frame.


~ by Jin on November 25, 2008.

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