fishes and spies

Corey Arnold

I really love Arnold’s photos. His was one of the very few portfolio sites where I clicked through every single photo. They’re the perfect meeting of compelling subject matter and technical prowess, especially the fishing work portfolios. Whether you think fishing’s humane or not, the lifestyle’s fascinating. Sometimes I look at pictures in the current trend of moody nothingness or center portraits of everyday people staring in the camera, and I like them, but at the same time, for me there’s something missing. That something’s in every one of his photos!

An anecdote from Mike Johnston:

A 28-year-old deliveryman who lives with his mother in Hemel Hempstead, England, returned from an American vacation and downloaded the pictures from his camera, a used digicam he had just bought off Ebay for £17. His vacation pictures were there, but so were photographs of high-tech weaponry, and documents, fingerprints, and academic records pertaining to multiple terrorism suspects, including Abdul al-Hadi al-Iraqi, a notorious fanatical Kurd who had been captured by the CIA in 2007.

The innocent vacationer went to the police, who at first ignored him. Before long, however, his home was swarmed by Special Branch agents, who confiscated the startled citizen’s computer and the offending Nikon Coolpix, compensating him handsomely but forbidding him to talk to the media or anyone else about what he might have seen.

Seems the previous owner of the camera is—for the time being, anyway—a spy with Britain’s MI6 espionage agency.


~ by Jin on October 6, 2008.

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