Erich Salomon

Frank McDarrah

Oliver Stone’s W. biopic/satire/what? looks… interesting, or just really bad, like most of his recent films:

Gear lust gone too far.

Michael Kamber‘s (he’s got some really good stuff) field test in Iraq of the Leica digital that concludes that it is actually surprisingly inadequate.

Sort of like the novel in a month self project: Solo Photo Book Month ’08. I missed it, but not a bad idea. So now the question is – do I have 35 good black and whites?

Morph Thing morphs the faces of two famous people, be it Paris Hilton or George Bush or Hitler, into one. Kinda amusing, though not very good. Mostly looks like they combine different parts of the face rather than averaging the entire face.

I think I’m definitely gonna sell off the Radiohead tix. I’m just not feeling any excitement about it, and frankly I’d rather be taking pictures in the city rather than lining up at general admission venues. In my mind it’s so much better to be someone for shooting in one particular city rather than a wandering travel photog anyway. Besides, just found out through At Ease that Wordless Music is presenting a special event of Part and Greenwood music on the 21st at the Herbst Theater and I’d rather hear that. Never heard any Part in person before and I was just wondering earlier in the year where I could find some. Plus, I was up all night researching how I might put together a new photo project, or maybe an adjunct to car culture, and I want to move forward as quickly as possible. It’s a bit of an obvious concept, but we’ll see…


~ by Jin on July 30, 2008.

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