a handful

Rachel’s been curating art for some diners and cafes in the city and is willing to hang some of my stuff if I can manage to print it larger than 12×12, which… should be possible from a 35mm negative, no? It’ll be grainy, but I think that works with my photos. But anyway, it’s a good excuse to learn about framing and matting. Now, if only I could decide which ones to show her…

She might also be helping out with a self-produced fashion show now and then, so I wonder if I can trade some photos for an opportunity to finally shoot some females. That sounds creepy, but KZSU is a sausage fest! I haven’t gotten a single good female portrait in the last year.

More cool photogs:

When you think about it, the amount of good photojournalism out there is incredible. Lots to photograph besides babies and cats!


~ by Jin on July 24, 2008.

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