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Jan von Holleben has some fun stuff: Dreams of Flying is the most accessible and whimsical one, but I also like the idea behind It’ll Happen Here and You Run, I Count to 10.

I’ve been scouring the internet for blogs by industry people and for reliable sources of new art and industry news, and it eventually became clear that almost everyone read or followed the magazine PDN so I looked at some of their features and subscribed. They do indeed have very little filler, and seem to be much more impartial than the gear mags that’ve turned into reprints of manufacturer’s press releases. One of the most important things I need to do at this point is to ingest as much notable photography, past and present, as possible so I can avoid wasting time inadvertently reinventing the wheel or going down a path abandoned for good reason.

For instance, Andrew Bush has already done portraits of people as they’re driving. Granted, I was hoping for a different look, but good to know what’s been done before. Martin Parr has done better ones, I think, but I don’t know where to find the book on the project – From A to B.

And similar to our Fusion capsule, Mango Falls is a collection of found film that was developed and printed. Apparently it all started with a crappy roll containing this gem.

I stumbled upon a bunch of great youtube videos following and interviewing some first class photographers as they work:

Stephen Shore
Todd Hido
Martin Parr (Pt I, Pt II)
William Klein (Pt I, Pt II)

Klein’s is more produced and scripted, which I didn’t like until he started going through strips from some of his contact sheets, commenting on each one. I love that we can see the outtakes around each sure shot.

I need to take a look at these books in the library:

  • Stephen Shore – Uncommon Places
  • Todd Hido – House Hunting
  • Parr – From A to B (?), Autoportrait, in which he goes into various touristy/kitschy photo studios and had his picture taken with the cheesiest templates:

  • Zeng Li – A China Chronicle
  • HCB – The Decisive Moment, which I never got around to getting from the reserves desk during the quarter.

I already picked up Parr’s Small World, which is a chronicle of tourists, and the anniversary reprint of Frank’s The Americans, the layout and printing of which was apparently overseen by Frank himself. I like the smallness of the book, which bucks the trend of printing everything huge these days. I like the closeness of the wide angle lens. Then I look at the Parr… whoooa, different aesthetic.


~ by Jin on July 22, 2008.

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