a cover band called Fusion

Finding Fusion

I just spent my entire afternoon and evening scanning photos and documents out of a huge album (80 some pages of photos front and back, with multiple photos per side) someone at the station found on a trash can somewhere and brought in for novelty factor. Apparently it used to belong to someone in an ’80s cover band called Fusion (though there are some promos for a band called Money too – ha!). There are promos, live shots, backstage shots, expense lists, a contract, a certificate for winning a battle of the bands type competition, newspaper clipping xeroxes…

Needless to say, they warrant some sort of online showcase. We’ll figure something. I’m afraid of the man hours needed to crop and resize all that shit though. Thank god we can just chalk the yellowing and fading up to nostalgic kitsch value; otherwise I think I’d spend the next two weeks color correct and doing post on the color shots. I even scanned some of the album pages that didn’t have photos because I’m anal like that and because I suspect they were using them as some sort of dividers. I’m guessing all this is chronological, but I don’t know… my scan-addled brain is a little numb…

Did I mention I love my scanner? “$180 is forever!” (if we manage to get the rebate, which they’re making sort of hard…)


~ by Jin on July 17, 2008.

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