In which I turn into a lion

I’ve been playing some movies in the background while processing my photos. I want you to try something. The next time you see an MGM movie, lip synch to the lion roaring at the beginning/end. Move your head like the lion. Scrunch your nose like the lion. And then ask yourself, “do I feel like a lion?” I think you will be pleased to find that the answer is yes. Yes, you do.

Right now I’m watching herds of capybara, large and small, bound through water like Baywatch babes. I drool at the sight of those healthy round haunches… Just what I need for my flotilla… And now they’re silhouettes, swimming like hippos into the orange sunset. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Ah, Sir David, how I love thee! Who else could narrate to a close up of poop smeared on a stem with a straight face?

I’m in a pretty cheery and happy now that I’m set to try this photography thing for real. smurph’s being very supportive, and even helped drop off a CD of a few pictures at Cellspace for their recent submission round. Apparently though, there was only one other submission since they didn’t really spread the word enough, so unless by some miracle all of my stuff and that person’s stuff are good enough, and our stuff goes well together, they’ll be shelved for consideration in some other round while the staff pick from some of their own stuff. So if anyone in the area is interested, your submissions might get some actual attention here.

I still feel good about it though. First art submission ever is done! More to follow surely. Bring on the rejections!


~ by Jin on July 1, 2008.

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