I have to say I’m a little proud. I developed and printed this myself! I thought other stuff on the roll would be better but it just drew the eye on the contact sheet… I liked a flashier one of an SFMOMA installation better to begin with, but after looking at them a bit, it’s just a pretty thing without much depth, and I like this much better. I’ll be heading back sometime… nothing beats a high density of stuff for a juicy photo, and what better place to find lots of stuff than Chinatown?

Reminds me. I had a dream a couple of weeks ago about going to an art museum that looked like Gehry’s EMP in Seattle, expect much brighter, much more curvy and plastic looking, and much happier. I wander around the insanely photogenic halls, damning the no photo policy and enjoying a show of curtains of bright colored moving strings, which were stretched from ceiling to floor, fanning in and out to make different patterns. It was deliciously abstract.

After stepping outside, I come across two of the most perfect looking scenes I’ve seen and take pictures. One is a red truck on a huge expanse of red ground, the other two geometric little glass buildings in pitch black night. When I wake up, I am devastated. “NoOoOOOOOOOOOOO!” I scream inside… “GIVE ME MY NEGATIVES!!!!!” It’s one of those dreams where you get ahold of the most quaint, valuable, interesting object and wake up clenching your hand.

I felt like pulling out a length of film in a dark room and staring the pictures into existence…


~ by Jin on April 22, 2008.

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